Staying Healthy On Vacay

So I know when I go to the beach the last thing I think about is eating healthy & working out. I like to just take a week off and relax. But major problem… when I come home I have gained like 10 pounds. So I am going to prevent that this time going to the beach and stay on my workouts and cardio and making sure I am staying healthy on my vacation.

Yes I want to drink Bahama Mama’s, Pina Colada’s, & all those sugary drinks but I will 100% regret it when I get home.

Here are some ways on staying healthy on vacation!


Bring protein bars, small packets of protein powder. If you are flying you can pack food in baggies and it will be okay. Take packets of Oatmeal (I love OatFit). If you are driving you have full advantage to basically pack anything.


I know it’s hard when you are on the beach getting peer pressured to go eat or drink but set your background on your phone as a motivational quote so you know you have goals and when you get home you don’t want to be upset with yourself and your set backs.


Always workout in the morning!! I promise you will not want to leave whatever you are doing in the middle of the day to go workout. Go for a run or find a close gym or even a gym at the resort you are staying at. Wether it is 20 minutes or an hour get some kind of activity in. Working out in the morning also gives you motivation so you don’t want to ruin it later on in the day.


A major question is everyone is going to eat out…does that mean I can’t eat out also? No. You can eat out just watch what you get and your serving size. Order fish, chicken, steak, veggies, salad, rice, potatoes. There are tons of options. I always ask for not butter or oil on my food because the cover your meal with unhealthy stuff. If you get a salad ask for the dressing on the side because they always give you way to much.


Don’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun! If you want to drink just have a vodka water and bring mio to put in it. Think of healthier options you can do.


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