Staying Healthy for Easter

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Easter is coming up and I can’t wait. Even though I am 22 I still enjoy Easter egg hunting lol. We always get the eggs with confetti in them and crack them on people’s heads as a joke. I always make sure I get my mom because she hates getting her hair all messed up, typical mother lol.

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Being around all that amazing, yummy food is hard to say no to. Lately I have been trying to avoid any cheat meals until I am told that I can have one. Easter will probably be my 1 cheat meal for the week. It’s okay to indulge in MODERATION. But there are a few ways to stay somewhat healthy during Easter. We always have the same essentials ham, mashed potatoes, rolls, salad, casseroles, mac and cheese, and dessert. All bad food pretty much lol.

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First before you get to your families house think about what your goals are. Mine are to feel and look great for the summer. I know that if I indulge way to much and just splurge that it is going to set me back. Bikini season is just a couple weeks away, so remember that.

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Get some ham or turkey and a big salad but be careful of the dressing you choose, it can get you there. If you are a big dessert person like me then pass on the mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and casseroles. If there are any vegetables or fruit then get that instead.


Desserts… the best part. Usually we have pies, cheesecake, and chocolate cake. Like I said before I’m very picky. I don’t care for any of those except for apple pie. Jake made me try it recently and I fell in love. So since I have the worst sweet tooth I have to have some desserts.  I usually always try and make a dessert and I will I aim for more of a healthy low carb, low sugar dessert.

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I hope you have a great Easter with your family and remember the goals you have and summer is right around the corner. Thank you for reading!!

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