Shein Clothing Haul Review

Shein Clothing Haul Review

This was my first time buying from Shein & I was fairly surprised with how well everything was. I was skeptical because its just so cheap, like is it good quality or not, how long does it take to ship, what if it doesn’t fit?

Yes, it is super cheap which is always a plus. I bought 5 items for $55. That is really really good if you ask me. No its not the best quality but I bought it knowing that I probably would only have it for the season and it wouldn’t last until next year. I have heard it takes a while for you to receive it but I got it in 5-7 business days. I figured if it doesn’t fit, its so cheap I will find someone who wants it or donate it.

First thing I purchased from Shein was a lingerie night set. I always always read the reviews on what people have said. If it has mostly good views I took a chance and got it. This lingerie set was actually really cute & it was super silky as well.

Shein Clothing Haul

Next was this sequin glitter lip print tee. This one is not the best quality. Its cute to throw on with a cardigan or some jean shorts in the summer. When summer comes I will either cut it or tie it up.

Shein Clothing Haul Review


USA Pink hoodie was super cute. It wasn’t as thick as what I thought it was going to be. I was imagining a hoodie material. Still really cute though.Shein Clothing Haul Review

Black long sleeve fringe top-so fun. I was hoping this top was going to work but it wasn’t really working for me. It is not long enough at all and if I wear high waisted jeans with it then it pulls up every time I sit down so that I have to tuck it back in as soon as I stand up.

Shein Clothing Haul ReviewShein Clothing Haul Review

Last but not least my favorite of all the items I purchased was this cardigan. It is like a huge fuzzy, warm blanket. I am obsessed and probably going to wear it all the time. I truly, absolutely, love this cardigan. I recommend it 100%. Really great quality as well.

Shein Clothing Haul Review

If it is your first time ordering from Shein I recommend reading some of the reviews to see what other people say about the clothing. But for the price, you can’t beat it. Some items were really good & had good quality & some didn’t.

I hope you enjoyed my review over Shein & let me know if you buy anything and what you think about it!

Sequined Sparkely Glittery Cozy Costume Lip Print T-shirt • Shein • $13
Hooded Fluffy Loose Coat • Shein • $33–35
Lace Trim Satin Cami & Shorts Pajama Set • Shein • $16
Fringe Detail Solid T-shirt • Shein • $9
America Flag Print Sweatshirt • Shein • $15

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