My 5 Travel Must Have’s

Essentials for Traveling

On Sunday Jake and I leave for NY, our very first time to NY! I am so excited and hope we have a safe travel. Do you have any recommendations on what we need to do in NY? Let me know if you do!

Today I thought I would share my 5 must haves for when we travel. Jake falls asleep as soon as he gets in his seat and me… yeah no not really. I am lucky if I fall asleep because it is just so not comfy.

The absolute must haves to make your travels easier

  1. Food & lots of water. So important, am I right? I always bring some snacks but you have to be careful what you bring with you because security is crazy. I carry a couple of the Kize protein bars (because the best bars out there) with me and some packets of protein powder & packets of the 100 calorie Oatfit. For the oats just go to starbucks or any coffee place and ask for a grande hot water but fill it 2/3 of the way. Let your oats soak for 5 minutes and boom. There you go. When I travel I always carry an empty shaker bottle to fill up with water at the airport to save money.
  2. A good book. I am trying to read more so I have been taking a book with me each time I fly. Depending on how long your flight is, I just took one book this time. I love reading anything that can help me in life. Wether it is self worth, nutrition, or how to succeed in life I love them.
  3. Hand Sanitizer & wipes. Being on flights I feel like there are just so many germs everywhere. I don’t want to get sick when I am traveling so I always make sure I have some hand sanitizer and wipes. Also these will be handy when I will be in NY when we take the subway or touch anything.
  4. Headphones. I love listening to music if I am just watching out the window or now a days a lot of flights have movies that play and you can plug in your headphones.
  5. Eye mask & neck pillow. If you are like Jake and can sleep the entire time I always give him my neck pillow so it is a little bit more comfy and if you are like me, I like wearing a eye mask if it is a long flight to cancel out the light.
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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide + Bikini Girl Diaries Week 5

Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

1. Diptyque Rose Delight Candle

2. Adidas Ultraboost

3. Love Keep Sake Box

4. Lafonn Classis Halo Ring

5. Champion Hoodie

6.Olivia Burton Watch

7. KKW Liquid Lipstick Collection

8. Chanel Fragrance 

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

1. Adidas Ultraboost

2. Michael Kors Watch

3. Mahogany Teakwood Candle

4. Monogram Travel Kit

5. Chanel Cologne 

6. Dylan’s Candy

7. Monogram Watch Box

A great gift guide for him & her if you are having trouble figuring out what to get your bae.

Bikini Girl Diaries week 5 update. I did great this week even with it being by birthday on Saturday. I made sure I tried to track as good as I possibly could. We went to Texas De Brazil for dinner and then had wine and cake at the apartment with the family. Cake is hard to track but I tried to find the best thing I could on My Fitness Pal.

Last week my weight was 135. This week my weight is 135.6

I have a goal of hitting 130-131 by week 9. So the end of February. If I stick to my macros, workouts, and cardio I know that I will. I am just nervous because we are going to New York on Sunday so it will be hard not to eat certain things but I am going to do everything in moderation and try and order as healthy as possible. It is easy if you can find restaurants that are in My Fitness Pal.

I am still doing cardio twice a week and still have my two high carb days. Everything has been going very good and I am happy to see how I look in a month. I will upload comparison pictures soon!

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Zaful Valentine’s Day Wishlist

Zaful Valentine's Day OutfitZaful Valentine's Day Wishlist Zaful Valentine's Day Outfit Zaful Valentine's Day Outfit Zaful Valentine's Day Outfit Zaful Valentine's Day Outfit Zaful Valentine's Day Outfit Zaful Valentine's Day OutfitZaful Valentine's Day Wishlist Zaful Valentine's Day Wishlist With Valentine’s Day being two weeks away, who always waits until the last minute to get their outfit, because I always do. Zaful is having an amazing Valentine’s Day sale that you don’t want to miss. So boss babes, I am sharing with you my favorite items from the sale & what to pair with each item.

If you are looking for something that is super affordable & unique that no one else will have, Zaful is your place. All you have to do is click on the item & it will take you directly to the product. Also, if you order within this week, you will get it by Valentine’s Day

My review on the product from Zaful, I was fairly surprised with how good it was for being such a low price. The dress was a really nice silk and the coat you could tell it was a little cheaper quality but it was still an awesome coat that I actually really loved. For $25 on a coat… you can’t get any better than that. I also got these gorgeous sunglasses that were $7…yes ONLY $7 and I love them! They are one of my new favorite pairs!

First, are some gorgeous dresses that would look perfect for a nice date night on Valentine’s Day. I am all about a gorgeous, sexy red dress on Valentine’s Day. (I got the 2nd dress in a Medium).

Zaful Valentine's Day SaleZaful Valentine's Day SaleZaful Valentine's Day Sale

With this dress I think a simple black pump would look great, I attached multiple shoe options that would look great with it.

Zaful Valentine's Day SaleZaful Valentine's Day Sale


Zaful Valentine's Day SaleZaful Valentine's Day Sale

Since it is winter & will be cold out, a coat is a must! You could pair a classic black coat with it or spice it up a little with a suede jacket. (I got the first one).

Zaful Valentine's Day SaleZaful Valentine's Day Sale

If you are doing more of a casual date night, this look will be perfect for you. I absolutely love this sweater with the detailing on the arm. Pink with pops of red, perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Zaful Valentine's Day Sale

Another gorgeous sweater option is the blush color sweater with the oversized sleeves that has a gorgeous braid down the arms that adds a fun detail to it.

Zaful Valentine's Day Sale

You could pair these sweaters with faux leather leggings, jeans, or a jean skirt. The first option I am sharing is this black jean skirt that is so cute, it would make the outfit a little more edgy.

Zaful Valentine's Day Sale

These faux leather leggings are a stunning option that you could pair with any sweater and honestly I have an obsession with wearing leather leggings daily.

Zaful Valentine's Day Sale

Lastly, these black jeans with the ribbed knees are stunning, and they are stretchy so you don’t have to worry about them being too tight.

Zaful Valentine's Day Sale

Pair this outfit with any of the black heels I mentioned above or a gorgeous pair of these suede black OTK boots.

Zaful Valentine's Day SaleI hope you enjoyed my Valentine’s Day options and with Zaful you can get your entire outfit under $50. Looking amazing and hot without splurging is always a bonus! So own your outfit & kill it babes!

Let me know what you end up getting!! I would love to know!

Use this link to shop the Zaful Valentine’s Day sale babes:

XOXO, Erin Leisure

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5 Healthy Habits + Bikini Girl Diaries Week 4

bikini girl diaries update

Bikini Girl Diaries week 4 update coming at ya!!

So… I got food poisoning from I think Kona Grill eating chicken. Chicken is like my main source of protein and now what the heck. I can’t even smell chicken, it makes me gag.

I had Kona of Friday night and as soon as I woke up Saturday morning I could tell something was off. I was so nauseous and my stomach hurt so bad.
It was my friend’s birthday and we were taking a spin class that morning. I felt so sick when I got there and then it was time for class and the entire time during class I felt so sick. I could not pedal as fast or do all the movements. I ended up leaving class 5 minutes early because I thought I was going to throw up.

When we were taking pictures after spin I could barley stand up. So I left, went straight home, showered, and went to sleep. I woke up and Jake was home from Austin to take care of me.
I forced myself  to eat my normal breakfast that morning which was oats, PB, and egg whites. For the rest of the day I could not eat anything and then finally around 8:30, I felt like I could eat some fruit. So I had some strawberries and banana.

Saturday and Sunday I was unable to do my normal workouts which sucked but I was not able to. Listening to your body is the best thing.

But other than that I hit my macros. Last week I weighed 137.4 and this week I weighed 135.0!!

Also on Tuesday I took my first ever pilates class at BodyBar Fitness. I loved it. A mini goal of mine is to try new fitness activities. So pilates was one of them and it challenged my body. I am not use to that and I am so sore from it. It also probably wasn’t the best idea taking that class on leg day lol.

Today I thought I would share 5 healthy habits. Since it is still basically the new year, I thought this would be perfect.

  1. Find YOUR healthy eating style. Just because I eat a certain way doesn’t mean that works for you. It is all about balance. If you have been good all week and you are craving that cheat meal. GO eat that meal. You have to be happy with what you are eating and not miserable. Be happy & healthy with the way you are eating.
  2. Always be happy and positive. Just because you gained a pound this week doesn’t mean you should be hard on yourself and think negatively. If you know in your head that you had a really great week with training and eating, then that is all that matters. My weight fluctuates all the time. But I try my best to stay positive and always be happy with what I am doing.
  3. Drink more water. I cannot express how important it is to drink water. I always make sure I am drink 4.5-6 liters a day. Not saying you have to drink that much but there a million benefits to why drinking a lot of water a day is so beneficial for you.
  4. Be active. Everyone likes working out in different ways. Some people love yoga, lifting weights, cardio, pilates, zumba, or whatever it is. Whatever you like and what works for you stick to it. Find what you enjoy doing that is active.
  5. Quality sleep. Sleep is very important to your body. Not only will you be cranky and moody if your don’t get sleep but then you will have zero energy for anything else. Your body will thank you later for getting the right amount of sleep you need.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post and these tips will help you stay on track this new year. Do you have mini goals that you like to achieve?

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