My January Favorites

January FavoritesI can’t believe January has come and gone. Where has the time gone? It was just NYE. I thought I would start doing a favorites post at the end of every month & just let you know what I have tried and liked.

1. Kopari Glossy I got this stuff at the beginning of January and I absolutely love it. My lips always get super chapped in the winter and so I heard really good things about this gloss and I will forever use it. It also smells amazing-like coconuts! I have only seen it online though, not in any stores.

2. BP. Beanie You truly can never have enough beanies, right? This is for sure one of my favorite purchases for the month because I have worn it like a million times already. I love that it says “brrrr” on it, that just makes it stand out from all the other beanies. This is a must if you are looking for a super cute beanie.

3. Planner So yes I love the Erin Condren but they are a little pricy. I found this planner at Target and it is perfect. It has a day on each page and so much room. It is only $20, great price!

4. Kize Bar- These are so yummy. The texture is seriously so perfect. They have anywhere from 4-8 ingredients. I have not been feeling the Quest bars anymore, and moved to the Kize bars. I recommend these bars 100%. They are a perfect size and are also great for kids because of such few ingredients in them. My favorite are the PB Chocolate Chip & the Cookie Dough.

5.Fabletics So I caved and am doing the monthly subscription. Where I get a new outfit every month. I am actually really excited because their clothing is so cute & unique. AND the first 2 pairs of leggings are 2 for $24. Like tell me thats not the best thing you have ever heard!

6. Adidas NMDs Ok. I know I am super late in the game, I just received my first pair of NMDs… thx babe. But I am obsessed. They are seriously so comfy and so cute. These are worth the money, I promise you!

7. Adidas Ultraboost Oh my gosh…. even COMFIER! Is that even a word? Well, I am making it a word because seriously.. the best shoes I have ever worn. Thx again babe! I am so happy that I finally got a pair of these, you can bet that you will only see me in these two pairs of shoes!

8. Workout Bands These will forever be my favorite. They help activate the glutes so much! They are super easy to pack and when you are traveling and you don’t have time to go to the gym, do a quick band workout in your hotel room. These are going with me to NYC! I just purchased mine off amazon, but the next time that Katy Hearn releases hers, I am getting one!

9. Sunglasses I got these black sunglasses from Zaful and I love them! I didn’t expect to much since they were under $8 but they are actually amazing. I have been wearing them nonstop lately!

10. Bar Cart I have been wanting a bar cart for like ever I feel like and I finally got one and this one is absolutely perfect and I am so happy I finally found this one. It was one of the ones that was the best price I could find! Under $160.. that is super hard to find especially if you are looking for a gold one.

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