Low Carb Substitutes

Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutesLow carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes Low carb substitutes

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First off Happy first day of 2018, I had such an amazing year and I am so excited to see what 2018 brings me. I discussed my 2018 goals in my last blog post, here. Today I am enjoying my day off with the pups & Jake. I hope you all have an amazing year.

I have been enjoying the high carb life lately but as the new year approaches and I get closer to a show my macros are going to start lowering. When you are lower carb it’s all about volume. Today I am going to be sharing some of my favorite low carb substitutes since it is the New Year and everyone love the “new year, new me” I thought it was perfect to share this blog post for the day.

1. Rice: A cup of jasmine rice is 45 carbs. A great substitute for rice is going to be cauliflower rice. A cup of cauliflower rice is going to be 4 carbs. A huge difference. A great recipe I love to make with the cauliflower rice because obviously it doesn’t taste as good but making a chicken “fried rice” is so yummy. I will mix different veggies in there with chicken and 1 egg and boom. A great yummy low carb meal. 

2. Pasta: I mean who doesn’t love pasta? Towards the end of my revise diet I was starting to have more pasta because it is so high in carbs. A low carb option for pasta would be spaghetti squash. 1 cup of spaghetti squash is 5.5 carbs compared to the 40-60 grams of carbs in pasta.

3. French Fries: French fries are one of America’s favorites because I swear you can order it almost any place you go to order food. But they are also fried and not the best for you. A great low carb option would be baked zucchini strips. French fries range anywhere from 40-70 grams of carbs per serving where zucchini strips could be anywhere from 10-15 grams depending on the serving size. Also al restaurants they usually serve you was bigger portion sizes just FYI.

4. Bread: Who doesn’t love bread? Bread is seriously life lol. I enjoy having my peanut butter and jelly as well as avocado toast. I get the sodium free rice cakes and they are amazing. You can top it with your avocado or peanut butter and jelly & I promise it is just as good. Try this out and let me know what you think.

Some great low carb meals I love to make are: Mushroom pizzas, lettuce wrapped tacos, zucchini lasagna, chicken stuffed celery sticks, eggplant pizza bites, and halo top.

I hope you all enjoyed my low carb options let me know if you end up trying any! Also, have an amazing year everyone!

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