Life Update: Show time + Surgery + New Job

So life lately has been a little hectic.

 Tobi had surgery yesterday and is recovering great. He got neutered… sorry Tobikins.

I decided I wanted to do a show. I have been thinking about it so much lately and so I am giving it my all. The show is in 9 weeks, Europa. Since I decided to do it so late I will decide at 3 weeks with my coach, Joe Cortez, if I will be ready or not.

I have been killing cardio, 2 hours a day. No off days. Also low carb but I love competing and I hope all this work pays off and I get to compete. The show is June 17th. So pray for me that I look great and am able to compete. I am putting my 100% into this show.

Also I am still in school finishing up the last like 4 weeks of English Lit and Anatomy. So far so good but now that I am on prep everything changes.

I started my new job at Precision Sports Nutrition, come by and see it and we just opened up and it is looking great.

Also, another important event is happening next week, Jake and I’s Anniversary. I will not be able to go out and eat since I am prepping but I will be getting him a special meal & I have our day planned out special for him.

Anyways I will keep you all updated weekly on my prep and how it is going. So far 100% and it is going to stay that way. I have check ins tomorrow morning, praying I have made a lot of changes!

Everyone have a great Tuesday!!

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