Healthy Daily Meal Ideas

Ever since I started prep with my new prep coach everything has been so much more enjoyable. I am able to eat whatever I want. I am using IIFYM so my meals are different everyday. Not one day do I eat the same thing and it is so nice.

Today I am sharing with you some fun ideas for your meals.

Meal 1: Protein Waffle I use the brand Birch Benders Protein. I top it with Walden Farms Pancake Syrup.

Meal 2: Chicken, Rice, & Guac Jake always grills chicken every Sunday for our chicken for the week & we make rice in our rice cooker about twice a week. So this meal is super easy & quick to throw together. We buy a pack of the Wholly Guacamole at Sam’s to last us. 

Meal 3: Fish, Rice, & 1 Egg 

Meal 4: Protein French Toast This meal has become my favorite meal so far. I mix together egg whites, protein (any flavor), and a bunch of cinnamon. I get the 45 calorie Sara Lee bread and did it in there then place on the skillet. I always add a little more cinnamon on top before I flip over to the other side. I then top with Walden Farms and Peanut Butter. Try this. It won’t disappoint.

Meal 5: Big Beef Salad


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