My Healthy Coffee Go To’s

I don’t know about you guys but coffee has always been and always is a must in my life. I always start my morning with a cup of coffee from my keurig.

I am always stopping to get coffee on the go. Whether it’s Starbucks or a small coffee shop. I use to think I was getting a “skinny vanilla latte” and it was “good” for me. Until a couple years ago when I really started looking at the macros on everything.

Now when I go to any place I usually get the same thing but sometimes I change it up.

My favorite things to add to coffee:

  1. Add Splenda
  2. Pump of sugar free vanilla or hazelnut
  3. Tea is also another great option, make sure it’s not sweetened
  4. Add cinnamon to your coffee…I promise it is delicious

Tips on making sure your coffee isn’t full of sugar and carbs..

Always make sure the coffee is unsweet because Starbucks iced coffee is sweetened unless you ask for “No Classic.” If you want a little extra sweetness add a splenda. For a little extra flavor ask for 1 pump of sugar free something or a splash of nonfat milk.

Since I have to be very strict on myself since I am on prep now I will put cinnamon or nothing in my coffee. I decided to start prep late so it is crunch time and I have ZERO time for screw-ups.

I am having a lower amount of carbs than I usually do so coffee is my best friend right now.

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