Destin Trip Diary 1 + Prep Update

Good morning from Destin! I am on a family trip this week. It hasn’t been the best weather as it has been rainy and cloudy! I was hoping to be tan already but that hasn’t happened. I have been enjoying sitting on the balcony sipping my coffee with my little man Tobi. My diet for the most part has been pretty good & I have worked out every morning. Jake also FINALLY arrives today in Destin, YAY!

The first night we went to Fudpuckers for dinner where all the alligators are and the food was pretty good. I made sure I stayed healthy and got grilled chicken and broccoli and I may have stolen a bite or 3 of my mom’s mac and cheese. But can we just talk about my super cute tank for a second… #dogmom I brought Tobi along with me & this tank suits me perfectly. I got it at a boutique is Fort Worth called Lily Rain.

Prep Update: I don’t really know if I am going to be able to do a show this year so for this trip I am enjoying myself a little with food. I am taking on a lot with school next semester and I have to keep my grades up as I hope to apply to nursing school in January and prep is so much not just physically but mentally also. I have been enjoying increasing my calories every week as well as decreasing my cardio each week. So we will kinda see where it goes this year with a show.

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