My 5 Travel Must Have’s

Essentials for Traveling

On Sunday Jake and I leave for NY, our very first time to NY! I am so excited and hope we have a safe travel. Do you have any recommendations on what we need to do in NY? Let me know if you do!

Today I thought I would share my 5 must haves for when we travel. Jake falls asleep as soon as he gets in his seat and me… yeah no not really. I am lucky if I fall asleep because it is just so not comfy.

The absolute must haves to make your travels easier

  1. Food & lots of water. So important, am I right? I always bring some snacks but you have to be careful what you bring with you because security is crazy. I carry a couple of the Kize protein bars (because the best bars out there) with me and some packets of protein powder & packets of the 100 calorie Oatfit. For the oats just go to starbucks or any coffee place and ask for a grande hot water but fill it 2/3 of the way. Let your oats soak for 5 minutes and boom. There you go. When I travel I always carry an empty shaker bottle to fill up with water at the airport to save money.
  2. A good book. I am trying to read more so I have been taking a book with me each time I fly. Depending on how long your flight is, I just took one book this time. I love reading anything that can help me in life. Wether it is self worth, nutrition, or how to succeed in life I love them.
  3. Hand Sanitizer & wipes. Being on flights I feel like there are just so many germs everywhere. I don’t want to get sick when I am traveling so I always make sure I have some hand sanitizer and wipes. Also these will be handy when I will be in NY when we take the subway or touch anything.
  4. Headphones. I love listening to music if I am just watching out the window or now a days a lot of flights have movies that play and you can plug in your headphones.
  5. Eye mask & neck pillow. If you are like Jake and can sleep the entire time I always give him my neck pillow so it is a little bit more comfy and if you are like me, I like wearing a eye mask if it is a long flight to cancel out the light.
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4 Spots to Grab Coffee in Fort Worth

Craftwork Coffee



Avoca Coffee

Craftwork Coffee was such a cute little place. They were super sweet we had the dogs with us and I got my coffee and went outside then they bring Milo & Tobi some water. So nice of them. Also a bonus it is right next door to Wag a dog boutique.

Brewed was such a fun place and they also serve beer as well. I am not a beer person but if you want to get coffee and your man get beer then Brewed is a great place to go to.

Mudsmith is great to go to when it is really pretty outside so you can sit outside and do school work.

Avoca Coffee is a super cute place and I can also walk to one of their locations. It is a long hallway and then you get to the ordering station and everything is so cute, I seriously love how coffee shops are inside. And they have a little patio in the back as well.

If you are ever in Fort Worth, I highly recommend going to one of these shops!

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Destin Trip Diary 2 + Unique Eats



A little Destin recap of where we stayed and what we ate. When Jake got here on Wednesday is when we started having so much fun. We stayed at a house on the beach, the house was in the neighborhood Destiny East & it was great because it had a community gym for everyone in that neighborhood. It was actually decent, quite a bit of equipment.

On Wednesday night we walked to The Crab Trap. It was a short walk from where we stayed. I got the fresh fish and broccoli.

Thursday morning Jake, my brothers, and I found an amazing donut place that changed everything! Destination Donuts. They had the plain cake donuts and you chose what you wanted on them and they made them right there. They almohad cute little dog treats of course I got some for Tobi to try. If you are ever in Destin or passing through GO HERE! Then Jake wanted to stop at The Donut Hole and got a couple goodies.

For dinner we went to Osaka. Hibachi and sushi. They don’t have the best sushi options but their hibachi is very good. After dinner we stopped at cup and cone. I got a small nutella gelato and it was delicious.

Friday for breakfast we decided to make pancakes for everyone and spend our last day together. For dinner that night we went to Margaritaville, I got the shrimp Asian salad. While we waited for our table, it was about an hour wait we walked around the Harbor walk Village and they had a bunch of shops as well as little activities going on.

I stopped in Naples  and got bath bombs but I could’ve spent so much more money in there. I will be shopping online with them. After dinner our last night we went to a souvenir shop and then to get froyo at Menchie’s and it was probably the best froyo I have ever tasted. 5/5 for sure!

We had an amazing trip & I am glad I got to spend a week with the fam bam and my tobers. But glad to be back home and get back in my routine. Also don’t forget to pin the image below!


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Destin Trip Diary 1 + Prep Update

Good morning from Destin! I am on a family trip this week. It hasn’t been the best weather as it has been rainy and cloudy! I was hoping to be tan already but that hasn’t happened. I have been enjoying sitting on the balcony sipping my coffee with my little man Tobi. My diet for the most part has been pretty good & I have worked out every morning. Jake also FINALLY arrives today in Destin, YAY!

The first night we went to Fudpuckers for dinner where all the alligators are and the food was pretty good. I made sure I stayed healthy and got grilled chicken and broccoli and I may have stolen a bite or 3 of my mom’s mac and cheese. But can we just talk about my super cute tank for a second… #dogmom I brought Tobi along with me & this tank suits me perfectly. I got it at a boutique is Fort Worth called Lily Rain.

Prep Update: I don’t really know if I am going to be able to do a show this year so for this trip I am enjoying myself a little with food. I am taking on a lot with school next semester and I have to keep my grades up as I hope to apply to nursing school in January and prep is so much not just physically but mentally also. I have been enjoying increasing my calories every week as well as decreasing my cardio each week. So we will kinda see where it goes this year with a show.

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