Happy One Year Anniversary

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Today is a very special day for Jake and I. It is our one-year and it is crazy how fast this year went by. We met on April 16, 2015 at Metroflex gym in Arlington. I was 2 weeks out from my first ever bikini competition, Ronnie Coleman. I am so happy that I met my trainer Joe Cortez to train that day because I met the love of my life that day. I remember seeing Joe on Monday and was like uhm give Jake my number right now. Jake and I’s story of how we started dating are so different lol. But it’s funny and cute. I will let you take all the credit Jake.

He asked me on our first date and it was that next weekend and he took me bowling since I couldn’t eat anything since I was 1 week out. It was the best first date of my life and I remember it like it was yesterday. He was such a gentleman and still is to this day. His parents sure did raise him right.

For my first show he waited on me hand and foot. The morning of the show he surprised me with flowers and the circus animal crackers, which are my all time FAVORITE. I could not wait until I could have some of those after the show. He held my heels for me, helped me with posing, took all my pictures, and made sure I had a perfect day.

We have accomplished so much in this past year. We took many vacations, moved in together, prepped for a show together… Which was very very hard. He surprised me with Tobi the cutest most amazing dog ever. I love that little guy so much. He is such a spoiled baby and sure is a momma’s boy.

We have many things planned for the future and I can’t wait for everything to fall into place. Once we both finish school everything is going to change. He is in the process of graduate school getting his NP and I am working on getting into Nursing school. I am so proud of everything he has accomplished and everything he does everyday to provide for his family. Thanks for being the most amazing boyfriend Jake and thanks for being my better half. I love you ♥

i love you


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Staying Healthy for Easter

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Easter is coming up and I can’t wait. Even though I am 22 I still enjoy Easter egg hunting lol. We always get the eggs with confetti in them and crack them on people’s heads as a joke. I always make sure I get my mom because she hates getting her hair all messed up, typical mother lol.

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Brunch, Balance, and Loving Life


I don’t know about you but I really enjoy going to brunch. When you’re living a healthy lifestyle you don’t have to shut off the world and be super strict on yourself and not have fun. It’s all about finding that balance. 

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