Brunch, Balance, and Loving Life


I don’t know about you but I really enjoy going to brunch. When you’re living a healthy lifestyle you don’t have to shut off the world and be super strict on yourself and not have fun. It’s all about finding that balance. 

brunch coffee

When you are prepping for a show there is no “finding balance.” You stick to your diet and cardio regime and you do not go off from it. I really considered competing in a show in July but I have postponed it to later in the year so I can have fun and enjoy myself this summer.

It is okay to go and eat that “refeed” or “cheat meal” whatever you want to call it.

One thing I make sure of is if I am about to go have brunch and I know I am going to splurge a little then I make sure I get in my fasted cardio and do extra.

Doing fasted cardio in the morning is great for you because you burn fat quicker. This morning I decided to do 40 minutes of fasted cardio on the stair master.

brunch french toast brunch french toast

We went to Social House for brunch and I had the egg white omelet with asparagus & spinach in it, took avocado off. But I also asked to see if they could do a small order of a pancake or French toast and she said she could do a small order of French toast instead of a full order & took the whip cream off.

brunch egg white brunch egg white omelet

I skipped out on the mimosas and just had coffee.. yes boring but those were calories I didn’t need. I would rather eat my calories than drink them. That was my one “naughty” meal for the day and then the rest of the day I was on track with eating and didn’t have any more carbs for the day.

brunch coffee

I make sure I always have a good week and then on the weekend I always reward myself.

Everyone have a great Monday. Start the week off right and get all of your meals in and cardio! Wait till the weekend for that refeed meal!

brunch and balance brunch and balance


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