Supplements I Take & Why

One question I get asked a lot is what supplements I take and why. So today I am sharing the supplements I take first thing every morning.

Multivitamin – You need to get in all your vitamins and minerals. They help you remain healthy.

Fish Oil – There are many benefits to taking fish oil. One main reason I take it is because it helps aid in fat loss while improving heart and overall health as well. Our bodies are able to make most of our fats we need but not Omega-3 fatty acids. That’s why it is important to get them from consuming fish or taking a fish oil pill.

CLA – Cla helps you use your body fat as a source of energy. It also helps speed up your metabolism.

L-Carnitine – Helps aid in fat loss and gives you energy. It can serve as an appetite suppressant as well. Can help with keeping your body from storing fat and help you burn more calories.

Also a tip if you are breast feeding, you are losing so many calories when you breast feed that it also lowers your carnitine so if you take carnitine while breast feeding it will help you lose even more weight. Always ask your obgyn first though!

Also a tip for males if you are trying to have children and have low sperm count it has been proven that carnitine imporves both sperm count and quality sperm.

Lipodrene – The world’s first fat burner with coca leaves. A great fat burner. There is DMAA in it which helps promote mood and energy. It is also a very strong appetite suppressant.

Protein Powder – This is a great option for protein in the morning, during the day, or post workout. I always have a shake a day I usually mix mine with fruit. If you want to change up one of your meals throughout the day, have a protein drink.

BCAA’s – I drink these constantly throughout the day. You’re body cannot produce BCAA’s on their own so you will need to consume them. It helps promote muscle growth, speeds up recovery time, and makes your workouts more effective. Also a plus they taste super good so it helps me drink more water throughout the day.

I purchase all of my supplements at Precision Sports Nutrition in Fort Worth located off 7th street!

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