My 5 Travel Must Have’s

Essentials for Traveling

On Sunday Jake and I leave for NY, our very first time to NY! I am so excited and hope we have a safe travel. Do you have any recommendations on what we need to do in NY? Let me know if you do!

Today I thought I would share my 5 must haves for when we travel. Jake falls asleep as soon as he gets in his seat and me… yeah no not really. I am lucky if I fall asleep because it is just so not comfy.

The absolute must haves to make your travels easier

  1. Food & lots of water. So important, am I right? I always bring some snacks but you have to be careful what you bring with you because security is crazy. I carry a couple of the Kize protein bars (because the best bars out there) with me and some packets of protein powder & packets of the 100 calorie Oatfit. For the oats just go to starbucks or any coffee place and ask for a grande hot water but fill it 2/3 of the way. Let your oats soak for 5 minutes and boom. There you go. When I travel I always carry an empty shaker bottle to fill up with water at the airport to save money.
  2. A good book. I am trying to read more so I have been taking a book with me each time I fly. Depending on how long your flight is, I just took one book this time. I love reading anything that can help me in life. Wether it is self worth, nutrition, or how to succeed in life I love them.
  3. Hand Sanitizer & wipes. Being on flights I feel like there are just so many germs everywhere. I don’t want to get sick when I am traveling so I always make sure I have some hand sanitizer and wipes. Also these will be handy when I will be in NY when we take the subway or touch anything.
  4. Headphones. I love listening to music if I am just watching out the window or now a days a lot of flights have movies that play and you can plug in your headphones.
  5. Eye mask & neck pillow. If you are like Jake and can sleep the entire time I always give him my neck pillow so it is a little bit more comfy and if you are like me, I like wearing a eye mask if it is a long flight to cancel out the light.
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  • Lou Leisure

    Have a great trip! I think your list of “take with” is pretty complete. Try to see a show while in NY, and just soak up all the culture and excitement in the air! It’s a fantastic place. Be safe, have a wonderful time, and bring back lots of great memories!

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