5 Tips On Recovering From Being sore

5 tips on recoveryYour recovery process is so important for your body. When we are working out 5-7 times a week your body needs all the extra help it can get. Still after working out for years I get super sore to where I can barley walk or barley drive my car. I know that sounds crazy but when I workout my chest… Oh my gosh, it gets so sore. So I am sharing my top 5 tips on ways to try and beat your soreness and how to recover more quickly.

Foam Rolling & Stretching – This one is very very important. I know I don’t do it as often as I should. Stretching 15 minutes before and after your workout will help so much. It will also help with warming up your muscles before your workout so you do not pull anything. Take 15 minutes out of your day and just foam roll. Yes it hurts like crazy but it helps so much. A way you can get extra stretching and foam rolling in, is at night when you are watching a tv show.
Getting enough sleep & Epsom Salt Bath – Are you getting the amount of sleep your body needs? To be able to fully recover each day make sure you are getting a great night of sleep. I take ZMA at night which is Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamin B6. Many athletes take this at night for a recovery aid. With this you will also achieve deeper levels of sleep. Also a nice epsom salt bath is super soothing and can help with muscle soreness.
Feed them muscles – Post workout are you getting enough food? I always have enough protein and carbs pre and post workout. Also, throughout the day.. are you getting in enough nutrients for your body?
BCAA’s – (Branched Chain Amino Acids) help out so much when you are recovering from being sore. I don’t know about you but they taste so yummy it helps me with drinking more water. BCAA’s work in so many ways. One way is they help stimulate protein synthesis and reduce the rate of protein breakdown.
Yoga- I am not the biggest fan of yoga because I get so bored. But when I go to a yoga class for an hour I am able to fully stretch out all my muscles. Especially the slow burn yoga. You are in certain positions for a couple minutes. This one really helps me from being sore. Yoga is also great for competitors to help with their flexibility. Posing on stage is very important and the more flexible you are the better your posing is going to look. Yoga is a great options because if you say you are going to stretch and then never do, going to a class will make you work for an hour.

If you are sore try out these 5 tips (a little more than 5 lol) and let me know how they help you recover from being sore.

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