2018 Goals

Goodbye 2017 and Hello 2018!

My 2018 goals My 2018 Goals

What are my goals & plans for 2018? First, I want to get my game plan of my prepping season and see what shows are available for me to do. My last show was November 5, 2016. I have taken all of last year off. Not  by choice but it was best for my body. I have also included a HIIT workout that you only need bands and dumbbells for. SO great for a hotel or small apartment gym. The HIIT workout will be included at the end of this post!

I am currently taking a much needed break from schooling starting back up in the fall. Since I will not be focusing on school I am more than ready to start competing. I am thinking in my head this year I want to do around 4 shows, hopefully.

Jake and I will be going to Mexico in the summer with his family & I am super excited for that. Last time I went to Mexico with them it was about a month after my first bikini competition. I was binge eating like crazy there and was super uncomfortable with my body. I am excited this time because I am able to control myself & by then I will be fully comfortable with myself. We may or may not be moving from our apartment this year. Our lease is up in April and right now we are going to renew it. Maybe by December we will be looking into getting out starter home. Who knows only time will tell.

As for my plans for my blog I want to be more consistent with it. Be able to post more recipes, updates about how my cut is going, prep updates, life, workouts, some fashion posts, and home updates.

I want to start posting more on my YouTube because I enjoy putting the videos together and sharing workout and recipes that way as well.

I hope everyone has the best year yet & enjoy the HIIT workout!

HIIT Workout:

Jump squats-20

Banded squats with kickback-20 each leg (40 reps total)

Shoulder press- 20-25 reps

Dumbbell curl- 20-25 reps

 Repeat 3X

 Push ups-15-20 reps

Alternating lunge jumps -20 each leg (40 total)

Side lateral-20-25 reps

Plank walks -20 reps

Repeat 3X

 Burpees- 20

Donkey kicks with band-20 reps each leg squeeze at the top for 3 seconds

Tricep kickbacks-20 reps each arm

Banded step together-20 each leg (40 reps total)

 Repeat 3X

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